ISO 9001 2015 Certification Process

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ISO 9001 2015 Certification process ?

ISO 9001 2015 Certification procedure ?

How to obtain ISO 9001 2015 Certification ?

What is process for transition from ISO 9001 2008 certification to ISO 9001 2015 certification ?

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Found in year 2004, Blue sky management services is in to business of ISO certification consulting and corporate trainings. More than 1000 organizations have been benefited with our consultancy and training services and grown their business in domestic as well as in overseas market. We may come on the subject of this page directly rather describing more about what we are.

Following are key requirements of ISO 9001 2015 certification.

  1. Determining internal and external issues pertaining to Quality management system.
  2. Determining needs and expectations of interested parties pertaining to Quality management system.
  3. Determining risks and opportunities pertaining to Quality management system.
  4. Determining actions to address risk and opportunities.
  5. Defining documented information necessary as per ISO 9001 2015 standard and necessary to identify / control / mitigate identified Risk.
  6. Quality objectives planning and monitoring.
  7. Commitment from Top management as Leader for Quality management system. Leader may have different attributes comparing with owner / promoter.
  8. Change management and control of changes in order to maintain integrity of Quality management system.
  9. Spreading awareness about Quality management system requirements and consequences of not fulfilling same.
  10. Implementing effective internal and external communication mechanism for accurate and error free transfer of information.
  11. Production / Service planning & monitoring of execution of planning.
  12. Monitoring of process characteristics.
  13. Monitoring and measurement of product characteristics
  14. Control on external providers for quality and delivery of products / services procured.
  15. Effective storage of material, inprocess and finish goods with appropriate handling, storage, packaging, protection, identification, transportation and contamination control.
  16. Customer complaint handling mechanism.
  17. Handling of customer feedbacks / perceptions.
  18. Trainings for current and future needs and expectations of business.
  19. Design and development of products and services.
  20. Performance evaluation of all processes.
  21. Taking corrective measures on non conformities.
  22. Continual improvement.
  23. Internal audit.
  24. Management Review.

Above is an outline of ISO 9001 2015 requirements.  Implementation of requirements will vary depending upon intentions of organization in implementing ISO 9001 2015 requirements, approach of employees towards same and focus on Risk identification and Risk prevention.

If you are looking to avail ISO 9001 2015 certification, we can help you with following ways.

  1. Identifying gapes in existing business processes Vs requirements of ISO 9001 2015 standard.
  2. Giving solutions for fulfillment of Gapes identified above.
  3. Giving training regarding requirement of ISO 9001 2015 standard.
  4. Giving training regarding internal auditor as per ISO 9001 2015 standard


If you are already certified with ISO 9001 2008 version and looking to upgrade same with ISO 9001 2015 then we can help you with respect to following.

  1. Review of current documentation as per ISO 9001 2008.
  2. Giving solutions for modification in existing documentation or creating fresh documentation as per ISO 9001 2015 system.
  3. Giving trainings regarding ISO 9001 2015 standard requirement.
  4. Giving trainings regarding ISO 9001 2015 internal auditor.


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