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We are a team of certified lead auditors having experience of more than a decade in implementation and training of ISO certification to Small scale, medium scale and large scale organizations. Our sector coverage in consultancy domain includes Engineering, IT, food, Pharma, Medical, Textile, KPO, BPO and other manufacturing and service sectors. Almost 800 organizations are benefited with our consultancy and training services in India. We are providing our consultancy services across india with having head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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ISO 9001 standard gets revised at every 6-8 years. Standard gets revised to match sustainability requirements of prevailing business scenario. ISO 9001 standard is revised from 2008 version to 2015 version in September 2015. Structure of entire standard is changed. Common structure approach of Annexure SL is applied. This common structure methodology is already applied to ISO 14001 2015 and ISO 27001 2013 standard. ISO 9001 is known as mother of management standards. Change in ISO 9001 standard demands change in business processes. 2015 version of ISO 9001 standard focuses upon prevention of problems through risk management approach. It also focuses upon performance evaluation and improvement. As the focus is changed, entire strategy of standard is changed to get aligned with the focus. This change has been much awaited and believed to be greatly benefited to organization which implements ISO 9001 2015 version with the motto of ” ISO 9001 way to manage the business”.

Being in the ISO certification consulting and training business since more than a decade, we thought to launch a dedicated website focuses upon ISO 9001 2015 version, its requirements, practical understanding of requirements and key implementation guidelines. This website will definitely  help users in clearing their doubts about ISO 9001 2015 requirements and assist users in implementing requirements with fulfillment of intention of standard. Content of this website should be taken as guideline only and not as confirmed requirement.

We believe that ISO 9001 must be a way of doing business. ISO 9001 covers basics of running business which are customer satisfaction, and improvement focus. Management of any organization running business has one and only aim of being ahead against competitors in growth. If ISO 9001 2015 standard is properly understood and implemented, it will widely assist management in fulfilling their dream of becoming market leader. Many times implementation of ISO 9001 standards are misunderstood by linking it only with sales growth or paperwork. ISO 9001 or any other ISO standard should not be taken only for sales growth. Sales growth is a by product. It will definitely achieved if ISO standard requirements are implemented in true sense. Hence we request management of organizations to understanding requirements of ISO 9001 2015 version, understand intention of this requirements, frame out structure for implementing ISO 9001 2015 version, give training to employees about standard requirements and their changed roles, and practice requirements with practical approach. It will definitely be fruitful and result giving. However if you are still not getting results, you may write to us with your query. We will be pleased to assist you by providing right solution of your query.